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Hansom Tackle DK-6 Dive Knife & FK-1 Folding Knife

DK 6 Blunt Tipped Dive KnifeFolding Knife

The Hansom Tackle DK-6 dive knife is the perfect dive knife for the surf fisherman, wetsuiter, Kayak fisherman, or skisher. Small enough to fit in your plug bag and versatile enough to be creatively mounted in the perfect location where it will always be easily accessible.

PDF with dive knifeThis dive knife features a locking plastic sheath that is impervious to the harsh, saltwater environment and a stainless steel, blunt tipped, double edge blade with a line cutter and serrated edge on one side and a sharp, smooth edge on the other. The clip on the back fits perfectly with most PDF mounting points so you can always have the knife close by in case of emergency.

This knife is the perfect companion to our AP-8 Aluminum fishing pliers.