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Plier Maintenance

Will my pliers get rusty?
No, but they can develop a bit of corrosion on them at different spots.  The jaw are made of Stainless and the Cutter is Tungsten Carbide. Anytime 2 or more different metals touch and are not rinsed of saltwater it can happen.  Rinse them with freshwater when you can.

Why aren’t the jaws are lined up tight?
In order for our Replaceable Cutter to work properly the Opposing Cutters have to make solid contact. This will insure clean "snips" on braid.

How do I "Tune" them up to do both Clean Cuts and Tight Grabs on Hooks?
It's Easy!  Take an allen key wrench that matches the Cutters and Loosen both Bolts.  Squeeze the Pliers Tight and Hold them that way until you Re-Tighten the Cutters.

My Spring Loaded Center is too tight and the Pliers won't snap back open. What can I do?
Our Pliers have an Aluminum Spring inside the main Pivot Joint. The Bolt that holds them together is Aluminum too but most importantly it is a reverse thread bolt!  That means it isn't "lefty loosy, righty tighty" it's the opposite. Take a Big Standard Screwdriver and turn the Bolt clockwise to the Right. This will loosen up the tension on the spring. 

Don't over loosen it and don’t try to use too small of a screwdriver. You'll never move it and when it slips you will tear up the Slot on the Aluminum Bolt.

Jaws dissasembled